Gaëlle Baudry

Equipe : Organicom

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PhD graduated - June 2016 - Université Jean Jaurès, Toulouse 3

Research topics: social representations and images, professional identity and internal communication, collective construction of communication media, application of digital tools, agency

Thesis: « From local to global: Agency and representational dynamics of organisation. A case study of an international aeronautical and space company »
CIFRE contract – Applied research project with industrial agreement with the company Sogeclair aerospace

Summary: Through this thesis, we investigate the representational dynamics of organization. For companies, the tense socio-economical context entails renewals of organizational practices. Thus, they make their images, and even more make their way of production, a priority. With a socioconstructivist position, we approach the organization as an instable form, constituted in and through communication (CCO). More specifically, we consider the agency of participating elements to this phenomenon. We invest ourselves within an international aeronautical and space company. The activity of these twelve hundred employees is mainly based on the process of collective productions. We focus on this audience. Thirty-seven semi-structured interviews were conducted, as well as a participant observation of everyday life.
The first thematic content analysis allows to design a quantitative questionnaire administered to all company members. We collected the feedback from two hundred and ninety-seven employees. By methodological triangulation, we articulated macro and micro social approaches of these processes. We identified ten images of the organization. We aim to highlight the constitution, and the convergences of social representations in these productions. The agentive reading of these communications allows to recognize agents, human and non human, involved to these dynamics. In this way, this research contributes, in part, to enhance works concerning silence in communications. It introduces also the concepts of senses and sentimental agencies. Furthermore, it proposes a typology of "figures" regarding the representational dynamics of organization. Finally, this comprehension of the phenomenon leads us to discuss the concept of organizational "reality".

Keywords: representation, construction, organization, agency, dynamic



 ACTI communication publiée dans des actes de colloque international

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 ACTN communication publiée dans des actes de colloque national
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