Marcin Trzmielewski


Equipe : CERIC

Adresse :
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Route de Mende
34090 Montpellier


I'm a Polish PhD student in Information, Communication and Documentation. My researches and main interests include knowledge organization in libraries and in healthcare.

I am currently working my PhD thesis: "Information and Data in Allergology: Towards a Knowledge Organization Model dedicated to the Design of Info-communication Devices" (alias ALLERGIDOC) which is conducted through a partnership with the allergy unit of the University Hospital of Montpellier (France). The project mainly focuses on the study of informational practices and needs of allergists from academic hospitals and on knowledge organization in the field of Allergy. The research is funded by the Occitanie region.

Since 2018 I have also been working on Integrative Levels Classification (ILC), a faceted classification developped by an international team under the supervision of Claudio Gnoli. My main research question is how to apply ILC in the exchanging and mediation of open research data.

My thesis for the master in information and documentation studies, written in 2018, focused on the relevance of a documentary portal to promote information resources and services offered by a learning center. My bachelor report in management and dissemination of digital information in 2017 dealed with knowledge organization in academic libraries. During this last diploma I participated to an Erasmus traineeship at the Science and Technology Library of the University of Pavia (Italy), where I took part to the conception and development of SciGator, a DDC-based browsing library interface.

I'm member of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO), of the French Association of Information and Documentation Professionals (ADBS) and of the World Allergy Organization Junior Members Group.




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Conferences with proceedings

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Conferences without proceedings

Trzmielewski M , Demoly P, Tanno LK, Caimmi D, Gnoli C (2019). Information and Data in Allergology: Theoretical and Methodological Proposals to Build a Knowledge Organization Model dedicated to the Design of Info-Communication Devices. In: ISKO Low Countries Conference "Morsels of Knowledge". Bruxelles, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 20-21 June 2019. Abstract available on: 

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